Purchase Your 2019-20 Titans Seatback Sponsorship Today!

2019-20 Seatback Sponsorship Purchase

Macon, GA - The CGTC Athletics Department and Booster Club recently announced the sale of seatback sponsorships for the upcoming basketball season. Individuals and organizations have the opportunity to purchase single or multiple seatbacks for all Lady Titans and Titans home games during the 2019-2020 basketball season.

All seatback sponsorships will go toward the purchase of new sideline chairs at Titans Arena in Macon.

Each seatback sponsorship will cost $40 per chair annually or $100 for a permanent sponsorship. Permanent sponsorships will have a permanent plaque on the chair.

All seatback sponsorships must be submitted by Friday, September 20. CLICK HERE to purchase your seatback sponsorship today!